CHESTNUT HONEY from beekeeping carried out according to organic production methods

It’s dark and liquid then rich in fructose. It contains many mineral salts. Taste is aromatic, bitter. Chestnut produced in Versilia is sweeter than the one produced in other parts of Italy for the presence of underwood nectare.


Versilia, the Apuan Alps Park, Garfagnana and the coast around Pisa (Migliarino and San Rossore) are the production areas of high quality Tuscan honey: a local traditional beekeeping, developed and enhanced for many years by a Consortium of beekeepers which has been the first in Italy to embrace organic production. The organic certification released by I.C.E.A. Toscana (Institute for Environmental and Ethic Certification) is a further guarantee of quality, since it assures that there has been no use of chemical products and behaviours against a natural development of life in the beehive.

The exclusive origin of products is also certified by the label “Garanzia AIAB”.


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Glass jar of 500 gr.

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