Filetto is an ancient and convivial game. 

It was already played in ancient Egypt and the China of Confucius, in Roman times it is mentioned by Ovid and Martial, and even monks in abbeys in medieval times liked to entertain themselves with this game.

In Filetto, it is played by two people. 

To play you need a chessboard and six pawns, divided into two triads of different colours. 

At the beginning of the game, the contenders place their three pawns on the squares of the row in front of them. 

In the traditional game, movement can only be on orthogonal axes, so the pawn can be moved forward or backward, or left or right, on a square that must be free. 

A diagonal move, however, is also considered regular. 

Each player has only one move per turn and the objective is to form the Filetto, i.e. to place the checkers in a row occupying three contiguous squares, orthogonally or diagonally, before the opponent succeeds.

Playing Filetto is simple but winning is not so simple, try it to believe it!


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