Art, in its different expressions, has been since the beginning the protagonist in the life of this paintress from Argentina who elected Tuscany as her land. First music, that she passionately studied for a long time, then the strong, almost upsetting attraction for the colour. That's the beginning of the search for a technique and a method going through the production of leather tapestries, the reproduction of the works of the great Masters of the past, the interest for the forms of art expression in the cultures of all times.

The exigence of creating her own original works grows more and more: here's the use of acrylic and sand and pipes, brushes, paper, sponges as unusual work tools. By this technique new works will be unchained, where the drawing, standing out, and the colour owned after many years of study, boost each other finally calming the neverending research of expression of the artist.


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cm. 100 x 100

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