DOCG Colli Orientali del Friuli
Vitigno autoctono friulano

A wine born from the raisins and botritized grapes of the 100% Picolit. It is a great meditation wine. A little traditional approach but welcome that with spicy cheeses. It is advisable to taste it fresh (13 ° C), avoiding sudden temperature drops that are detrimental to the best organoleptic expression of the wine.

No. of bottles produced: 1,200 bottles of 0,375 l.
Location: 180-350 mt. s.l.m., marly-arenaceous hilly terrain.
Yield per vine: 0,3 / 1 kg./ceppo. The yield varies widely from year to year due to the difficulty of pollination of the vine.
Collection mode: manual in boxes.
Vinification: a part of the grapes is harvested before the ideal maturation and put in the fruit stand for drying (about 30/60 days). This practice then ensures a high acidity that guarantees the wine a longevity of 10/15 years. The other part of the grapes is left on the plant where in the month of December only the botrytised berries are harvested with scalar harvests. Practice that enriches the olfactory heritage of wine. After a soft pressing of the whole grapes and a subsequent separation of the deposit, the must begins fermentation at a controlled temperature with selected yeasts.
Aging: 18 months in oak barrels. The wine, with frequent decanting is brought to limpidity and then put, without any filtration or clarification, in the bottle, where it continues the refinement for another 6 months before the sale.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Color: golden yellow.
Bouquet: elegant and fine sensations that give the nose that reminds candied fruit, dried fruit, honey.
Taste: on the palate it is sweet and elegant, refined and harmonious with fruit flavors (apricot, figs) and honey.


Data sheet

Sara & Sara Azienda Agricola Biologica
lt. 0,375
Alcoholic strength
13% vol.
Picolit 100%
AIS Quattro Viti - Vino Cupido

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