Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Colour: Ruby red with shades of garnet.

Bouquet: ethereal and complex with hints of red berries.

Taste: persistent aroma, important structure, elegant and alluring.

In the kitchen: dishes rich in flavor with red meats, game, grilled, roasted mixed. Hard cheeses.

Service: uncork a few hours before drinking, serving at 18 ° in crystal balloon glasses.


Unlike in the past, with the changing climate, the harvest usually takes place the last week of September. It represents the final act after a long period of daily activities from early in the spring with constant and meticulous controls, initially of the tiny buds right through until you reach the ripe bunches in autumn.

The harvest is entirely manual and the grapes, before arriving in the cellar, are carefully viewed and a selection made. Prior to that, in order that they represent the best raw material that our land has to offers us, there are 3 selections made throughout the course of the summer to guarantee us that the wine comes only from the best fruits available.


Once in the winery, the grapes do their job organoleptic stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. The complete fermentation usually takes less than 20 days, during which they are executed usual pumping. From a labor without undue stress on the grapes we obtain the best fragrances and color typical of Sangiovese, the Ruby Red.


More than a century of tradition and passion teaches us the importance of the Oak casks for Sangiovese in Montalcino. The fruit that grows from these plants is edgy, powerful, at times acerbic character. That has need a timber that can make him obedient, smart, polite.

Our basement has oak barrels of medium size, from 20 to 40 HL.
The Brunello here will rest for about 36 months, the Rosso for just under a year.
The combination of wood type, magnitude and duration of the barrel aging is a must.


Data sheet

BARICCI Colombaio Montosoli - Società Agricola
lt. 0,75
Alcoholic strength
14,5% vol.
Sangiovese 100%

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