VIGNAFLAVIA IGT Sangiovese Toscano

Territory and location: Chiusi

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese

Vineyard surface area: 2 hectars

Exposure: North – East

Altitude: hilly area, at 300 m. above sea level

Type of soil: flood soil with pliocenic sand.

Harvest: second part of October

Fermentation: 35 days steeping, of which 20 at “cappello sommerso”, an old, traditional also, spontaneous “malolattica” fermentation.

Ageing: 24 months in Slavonian oak barrels of 20/30 hl, followed by a 12 month ageing in bottles.

Notes on flavour: a delightfully, drinkeable wine capable, also, of improving with the passing of a few years. A fruit aroma with secondary spicy notes. A vibrant wine, fresh and greatly enjoyable, the tannin giving it a delightful touch

Gastronomy: first disches, complex second meat courses and seasoned cheeses.

Chiusi is an ancient, vocated land, whose territory includes this Farm. This Etruscan land 2500 years ago already excelled in the cultivation of the vine: history and territory are essential for the activity of this family Farm. The nature of the soil and the climate were the background to a significant effort in enhancing the existing wine heritage: years of research and testing have resulted in 28 selected clones of Sangiovese, of which 4 pre-phylloxera from an old vineyard sapling having a density of twenty thousand plants per hectare. Everything is joined to a great rigor in the vineyard and in the winery. It is in the cellar that culture and territory blend: its entrance is in fact a real completely preserved Etruscan tomb. There unfolds a series of tunnels obtained in a natural tuff cave with a natural constant temperature and humidity, leading to the real cellar itself, for vinification and aging.
The area's history and the energy of those who once occupied it are kept here and blend with modern viticulture but respectful of the ancient knowledge.


Data sheet

Azienda Agricola Colle Santa Mustiola - Chiusi (Siena)
lt. 0,75
Alcoholic strength
14% vol.
Sangiovese 100%
AIS Tre Viti

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