The wine is obtained exclusively from Sauvignon grapes, a varietal of great importance, cultivated in the areas of Sauternes and Bordeaux, from where the grapes have been imported to Friuli where they have found ideal conditions in both soil and climate.

Cultivated in the hill areas, this varietal prefers fresh clay soil, it produces small bunches with grapes of medium size.

The grapes are hand picked, pressed in a soft press after which there follows a brief period of decantation in total absence of sulphur dioxide.

The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks under a controlled temperature.

The ageing takes place on the lees for 8 months.

Colour: straw-yellow, with clear of intense green

Aroma: elegant fragrance with delicate floral notes accompanied by exotic fruit flavors and citrus notes.

Warm and enveloping, rich complexity.

Palate: it is very complex with green notes of mint and nettle that are interwoven with exotic and salty notes in perfect balance.

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Data sheet

Azienda Agricola Schiopetto
lt. 0,75
Alcoholic strength
13% vol.
Sauvignon 100%
Raffaele Vecchione - 93/100

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