Valpolicella Superiore DOC Vigneto Monte Lodoletta

Rigour, patience and precision: Valpolicella Superiore is the result of the same strict criteria used to produce Amarone.

The drying of the grapes destined for Valpolicella lasts for about a month and a half, resulting in an intense and aromatic wine of a superior category.

Soil: Of alluvial origin.
Composed of 70% gravel, 15% silt and 15% clay.

Harvesting period: from mid-September towards the end of October, after the selection of the best bunches, on which a meticulous manual sorting is carried out in order to remove all the less valuable grapes.
The harvested grapes are placed in plastic trays and left to rest for three months in large open rooms, where an innovative ventilation system maintains a high and capillary flow of air.

Grapes: Corvina e Corvina grossa 70%, Rondinella 20%, Croatina 5%, Oseleta 5%

Pressing: begins in early November, after further manual sorting of each bunch of grapes, with the aim of removing all the grapes that have rotted during the drying period.

Fermentation: in temperature-controlled steel tanks, with automatic punching-down for a period of about fifteen days, followed by two days of final maceration.

Ageing: after racking, the Valpolicella rests for a few days in stainless steel tanks that allow easy decanting.
The wine is then matured in new barriques for 24 months.

Bottling: This is the final stage of the production process.
It takes place at the end of the blending of the wine from the various barriques, after the mass obtained has been filtered.
Further ageing continues with the Valpolicella remaining in the bottle for a further 36 months.

Hints: vanilla, blueberry, blackberry, cherry, chocolate, sweet spices and jam.

Pairings: Valpolicella is a wine that accompanies and enhances red meat dishes, grilled meats and mature cheeses.


Data sheet

Azienda Agricola Dal Forno Romano
lt. 0,75
Alcoholic strength
14% vol.
Corvina e Corvina grossa 70%, Rondinella 20%, Croatina 5%, Oseleta 5%
Veronelli Tre Stelle Oro 94/100 - Wine Spectator 94/100

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