Smart Stone

Design, beauty, versatility

Ideal stand for tablets, smartphones, digital frames, pictures

Directable in two different positions, display and work mode

Light and easy to place in different contexts

Absolutely natural, 100% White Carrara marble

Piece of furniture for the house, the office, the shop

A precious and impressive gift idea

Smart Stone by Arte Toscana

Smart Stone is an exclusive creation conceived and made by Arte Toscana, joining the tradition of the handcraft of White Carrara marble to a modern design inspired by the territory.

Smart Stone is carved from an only piece of White Carrara marble, through an entirely handmade and natural work by one of our craftsmen-artists, with peau d'oeuf finishing, no chemicals added: these features make it entirely and absolutely BORN & MADE IN TUSCANY


Data sheet

Arte Toscana
100% White Carrara marble
cm. 15 x 10 - h. cm. 15

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